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Mingshi extruded polycarbonate profile for aviation lighting

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Mingshi extruded polycarbonate profile is recognized by the industry and won the trust of our customers with high quality products and services. We specialize in extruding polycarbonate profiles for aviation lighting, it can meet the requirements of lightweight and fire protection. Our strong R&D team is able to realize multiple specifications of polycarbonate profiles for aviation lighting.


Polycarbonate profile for aviation lighting key features

● Polycarbonate profile has excellent flame retardant and meet fire protection standards

● Polycarbonate profile has special colourings and additives for homogeneous illumination

● Polycarbonate profile has high impact resistance

● Polycarbonate profile has high temperature resistance

● Polycarbonate profile has good insulation properties

● Polycarbonate profile in good UV stability

● Polycarbonate profile is good thermal stability

● Polycarbonate profile is lightweight

● Polycarbonate profile can be in glossy or satin surface

● Polycarbonate profile is available in any colors

● Polycarbonate profile is available in standard and customized sizes

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Mingshi extruded polycarbonate profile can meet customers different requirements. Our profiles are made from standard materials to ensure safety. Polycarbonate profiles of any color, size and shape are available. Many years of production experience has proved that we are reliable, we will try to do the best for you.


Customized Extruded Polycarbonate Profile For Aviation Lighting From Mingshi

Custom work is our specialty. We can manufacture polycarbonate profile with custom sizes, colors, shapes, or anything else you might want. Our experts will help you find the part you need to solve any problem and fit aviation lighting.

Mingshi has almost 20 years of experience manufacturing thousands of unique custom polycarbonate extrusions in almost every shape, size and color you can imagine. We can develop and produce polycarbonate profiles for aviation lighting according to the design provided by customers.

Would you like to start your personal customization? Please kindly contact us to discuss more!

Secondary Operation Services For Polycarbonate Profile From Mingshi As Below

ü CNC Cutting

ü Machining

ü Lathing

ü Drilling

ü Threading

ü Milling

ü Grinding

ü Printing

ü Sandblasting

Mingshi Extruded Polycarbonate Profile For Aviation Lighting Application


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