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Mingshi customized frosted acrylic profiles

Short Description:

Acrylic profiles are extruded with high translucency, with no yellowness effect and with high lighting transmittance grade without striation. We provide the most ideal materials based on our customers’ needs and standards to ensure the accuracy of custom extrusion profiles.


The advantage of frosted acrylic profiles

● Frosted acrylic profiles have high transmission

● Frosted acrylic profiles have excellent satin surface

● Frosted acrylic profiles have diffuse light distribution

● Frosted acrylic profiles have minimal absorption

● Frosted acrylic profiles are break-proof

● Frosted acrylic profiles are shatterproof

● Frosted acrylic profiles have high UV stability

● Frosted acrylic profiles have high impact strength

● Can be adjust to your LED colour temperature

Product Detail

Product Tags

We manufacture innovative items like frosted and optical opal profiles. The frosted surface and a perfect light diffusion together with an extraordinary light transmission are the characteristics of this high-quality product.

The Frosted Surface Including Three Types

1. Sandblasting

2. Frosted surface on one side by extrusion mold

3. 100% frosted on the whole product by extrusion mold, and also we can adjust the frosted blending on the product from (1% to 100%) up to custom requirement.


Customized Extruded Frosted Acrylic Profiles From Mingshi

We offer acrylic profiles with customized service to satisfy your requirement

Ø Prismatic plastic profile

Ø Optical opal profile

Ø Special shaped profile

Ø Multiple-colored profile

Ø Co-extrusion frosted profile

Secondary Operation Services For Acrylic Profiles From Mingshi As Below

ü CNC Cutting

ü Machining

ü Lathing

ü Drilling

ü Threading

ü Milling

ü Grinding

ü Gluing

ü Bending

ü Polishing

ü Printing

ü Sandblasting

Extruded Frosted Acrylic Profiles Application

Ø Architecture and building facades

Ø Lighting for aviation

Ø Bathroom lighting

Ø Buses and trains

Ø Escalators and elevators

Ø Greenhouse lighting

Ø Illuminated advertising

Ø Industrial lighting

Ø Office lighting

Ø Cabinet lighting

Ø Advertisement lights

Ø Swimming pool lights


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